Sundance Pants - CLASSIC

By Om Gaia Tree


  • Maroon Maroon
  • Olive Green Olive Green
  • Black Black
  • Olive Green Olive Green
  • Olive Green Olive Green
  • Navy Navy
  • Tan Tan

Sundance Pants are a wide-leg, low-rise pant with all the pockets you could ever want. They are made with durable cotton rip-stop, romp-around material that functions both as a stylish pant for special events as well an everyday utilitarian pant. The material is lightweight and can be dressed up for a night on the town, or dressed down as casual slacks. The subtle buckle across the back tightens the pants across the bum to enhance shape.  The waistline of this pant also includes an adjustable strap at either side so you can be most comfortable with a custom fit.  Even the buttons are Om Gaia Tree's custom design.

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29"-31" waist x 33" inseam 31"-33" waist x 34" inseam 34"-36" waist x 34" inseam 36"-38" waist x 35" inseam