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The vision of "Om Gaia Tree" was inspired by Miss Murray Harris, on a bike ride in Sukothai, Thailand.  She was mesmerized by the beauty of the land and giving thanks to Gaia, the earth goddess, for creating such splendor.  She was also very moved by her recent studies of yoga and the Gayatri mantra, a sanskrit mantra that honors the Great Spirit, and requests divine intellect.  While chanting of the mantra, she envisioned a human, grounding her feet into Gaia, growing tall, strong and wise like a tree - raising her limbs to the sky and spreading them wide, soaking it all in.  It was then that she felt oneness with the universal vibration and said, "OM, Gaia, Tree."


Murray considers herself - along with other things - a clothing designer and fashionista, a yogini, a vessel for music and expressive dance, a positive thinker, and a global ambassador for peace. She currently lives in the costal mountains of California near Santa Cruz.  Murray graduated from college, not with a degree in design, but one in Health and Exercise Sciences.  Her love of nature, travel and movement arts led her to spend her post-college years in Kauai.  It was there that she developed an even deeper respect and intrigue of yoga, Hawaiian culture, and nature.


Murray became a world citizen in '95 when she began both her national and international journeys, from trains and planes to outdoor adventures and music festivals.  It was there that she eventually met her Beloved, JacobEyE.  Their bond grew as they seemingly found each other time and time again at gatherings, concerts, festivals, Kauai, and finally, as co-workers in the construction of Abraxas, a notorious Burning Man art car.  They eventually became each others’ ultimate traveling companion.


JacobEyE’s artistic roots are in photography and video documentary.  He has been fortunate enough to combine these passions with travel, climbing as high as the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya for photo and video opportunities!  He has also been an integral pioneer in the big screen’s visual alchemy and has worked for both political and social events.


It wasn’t until a trip to Bali in 2007 when the couple started to design clothing.  It blossomed organically from the simple need and desire for comfortable, fun, and funk-tional travel wear.  They involved local families and their Balinese culture with the small-run production.  They later brought these designs to friends, family, and, now, to the greater visionary culture of the festivals that they attend.


Although Om Gaia Tree began with women’s clothing, the demand for original men's clothes, and JacobEyE’s unique style seemed to be a perfect fit.  Naturally, the Mur-Kob-EyE men's line became an integral part of Om Gaia Tree.  This name, “murkobeye” came from the name JacobEyE and Murray called their soon-to-be-born baby, while it was in the womb.  Murkobeye was the perfect combination of their names so it, in turn, it also became a great name for the new men's clothing line.


In sum, what began as a simple desire for stylish, comfortable clothing to live life in, spiraled into the creation of Om Gaia Tree, reaching yogis, dancers, and lovers of life on an international scale.  Murray, Jacob, and their son Zion feel so blessed to provide their offerings to such a unique and widespread community!



 to contact us, please send your inquiry to: info@omgaiatree.com


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“I'm so stoked on your clothes... Thanks for making such art! Men's pants that look great and allow for total freedom of movement and have pockets!”

Mr. Archer