Mewali Pants




Mewali Pants bring the fun of pinstripes into a comfortable, functional pant.  These pants are made with a thick cotton lycra, and fit snugly around the hips with a wide-leg flare.  The thick stretchy cotton is soft, warm and allows for range of motion in all directions, making these pants great for yoga, dancing, or just everyday comfort.  Because of the thick material, they maintain their shape unlike other stretch cottons that begin to feel baggy or lose after wearing.  This popular style can dress you up or down, for a trip to the market or a Saturday night on the town - making comfort and mobility your first priorities.  Mewali Pants are made with the same material as the Mangaa Pants and Corset Vests, and are offered in matching colors. 

*Colors marked with an asterisk (Brown w/Cream Stripe *) are being discontinued... that means we won't be getting any more, if you desire one of those colors, order it now!

*note on sizing: 

S is 0-4 Short = 27-28" inseam (5'0-5'3)
M is 5-8 Reg = 30-31" inseam (5'4-5'7)
L is 9 and up Long = 33-34" inseam (5'8 & taller)