Om Booty Shorts

By Om Booty


  • Green Teal Green Teal
  • Blue Teal Blue Teal
  • Raspberry Raspberry
  • Purple Purple
  • Black & Purple Black & Purple
  • Black & Brown Black & Brown
  • Black & Red Black & Red

We've been offerring these Om Booty Shorts at festivals over the last few summers, and now they are available online. There's a limited supply, so if the website says "out of stock", we probably won't have more for a while! Perfect for hot weather, these short shorts let the legs breathe while still offerring coverage (and cuteness!) with the extra ruffles on the bottom! They tend to run a little bit big, so if you wear a small, you may wanna consider the XS... or if you are a medium you may wanna consider the S... and so on...!  **Due to availability of fabric, thickness of stripes may vary**