Men's Yoga and Dance Pants - Discontinued Colors

$60.00 $99.00

Color Combo


Here's our yoga/dance/lounge pant for men ON CLEARANCE in these two select colors! - roomy and flowy in the legs, but still complimenting the waist and hips with a wide leg that allows full movement.  Our men's yoga pants have 3 hidden zipper pockets, and a drawstring waist so that they can fit a variety of sizes.  We've been working with this thick cotton lycra for the last 5 years with our famous women's Mangaa Pants, and our male customers have been asking for a pant made from the same material, but in a pattern that's tailored more for men.  

*note on sizing:

They come in four sizes: XS, S/M, M/L, and XL.  Please note:  these pants are made with cotton lycra that can shrink in length.  Be careful to wash them in cool temperatures unless you want to purposefully shrink them an inch or two so that they better match your height!  Also, these pants have an inseam of approx 35 inches, so be prepared to hem them if you are under 6ft.