Up-Cycled Face Masks - Baby/Toddler Size

By Om Gaia Tree


  • UpCycled Dust Masks UpCycled Dust Masks
  • Brown Star Brown Star
  • Rice Cloud Rice Cloud
  • Star Merkaba Star Merkaba
  • Brown Star Brown Star
  • Somnio8 Somnio8
  • Bali Swirl Bali Swirl
  • Brown Bird Mandala Brown Bird Mandala
  • Rice Cloud Rice Cloud
  • Brown Star & Black Star Merkaba Brown Star & Black Star Merkaba

Leave no trace!  We collect the small scraps from our clothing production to create these Dust Masks...  For kids too!  Protect precious lungs from dust and other pollutants while helping us Up-Cycle our materials.  They can also provide self-control from touching one's face and mouth with dirty hands, or contain particles from a cough or sneeze!

*NOTES ON SIZING:  These masks are best fit for 1yr-4yrs old children.